Sold T4 Might 441M -- Research 305M -- Elit Lab -- CT Skin -- Good Gear Hunt - Big Guy Gold - Open Pact 4

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  1. Alpinqurniawan

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    If you interested or any question, you can write me
    Whatsapp :
    Line Chat Id :
    Telegram :
    Discord : Alpinqn#7106
    Instagram :

    Before buying please write me first

    Account Information
    T4 Might 441M
    Might Research 305M
    Elit Lab/Gift Unblocked
    CT Skin
    Troops 2.1M
    Good Gear Hunt
    Each Stat 400% (No Fort No Fury)
    39 Hero : Big Guy Gold, P2P Hero Green/Silver
    Emoticon Paid
    Slot 3 - Open Pact 4 Familiar

    Link Google Only

    For IOS (You can link your Facebook acc, or If u want I can help you link)

    1. Share Full Logged In Details and Help You to Logged In
    2. Help You Secure Accounts
    3. 100% Secure Account Warranty

    How to buy ?
    Step 1 :
    Make A PlayerUp Account (if you don't have one already)

    Step 2 :
    Choose The Account You Want And Click Buy Now

    Step 3 :
    Choose Your Payment Method and Pay

    Step 4 :
    Activate Your Order And Fill The Verification Form
    (Our Username Is : Alpinqurniawan)

    Step 5 :
    Wait For Middleman To Verify Your Payment
    And Send You The Details ASAP After the 3 Way Conversation Opens
    (You Will Receive All Detail Login)


    And if you feel you can Trust me
    Contact me to buy directly through (Up to 13% offers) :
    Paypal Friends and Family
    Bitcoin (Any Exchange) or Any Cryptocurrency

    Instant Delivery (10 mins)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.