Selling  Android and iOS  Base Level 25  High End Syracuse Franchise all 26 bases and 2 alliances to command state 153 2,000

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    26 bases. 6 bases level 25, 19 bases about to be level 24. One base 3 years old loaded with x heroes many full, more resources and money and speed ups than anyone has. Near 2 million diamonds and vip near level 5. 2 secondary bases near same. Vip near lvl 4 with 2 million diamonds each and many full x heroes. 3 other bases also just started with x heroes and 500-1000 orange tickets each and one of them vip lvl 3 near 4, and 2-5 million diamonds each. All 6 bases have t10 tech from 25-42%. Main 3 bases siege master lvl 158-163 range. Power main 3 bases from 260M-312M Each. Also comes with 2 alliances you will be commander of in state 153. Email me direct for purchase, i have full list of emails and pw for you if you want to buy, i accept a check or direct transfer of funds to my account or also paypal. Then will hand over the list of emails. I have no interest in playing, once my list of emails is turned over to you i will delete and its your full command. Again my bases all come with a combined 200B resources and more cash and speedups than anyone can imagine!!! I have played hard for three years. Send me text if usa:402-710-9657 or email: [email protected]. I have played this game relentlessly all day every dya for three years and only stopped playing just 6 days ago. Total of 8-9k gold tickets, total of 16-17M diamonds…
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