Selling  High End  STATE410, C25, PHOENIX SKINS

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    CAB16260-AB33-4208-A196-88AA611251C1.jpeg 64A06050-F5F8-4E8D-AC15-CEAE4AAF573F.png 9CC866FD-0488-4A59-91DD-8E8331EA4860.png B349809A-AFA4-4A11-87EB-AA4FB935E5F2.png 2D5CA3C5-A3ED-48FB-9232-97111FE26D77.png DB65299C-D5D0-4C1F-BA6F-2E5284ED7589.png 35140B1F-FDD2-4D5A-AAC0-B8AF0ECB09A0.png FB5A79B4-8924-4851-949A-716F8E6BA36F.png DA9AA4CF-FADD-49ED-A94D-C29DADDA920A.png 96618008-53BD-4943-A91C-52C1D5CB906B.png D2A75A74-8998-4D9A-8090-B5B6C8A0953B.jpeg 1E08636F-1FE4-4BD9-B708-03509EB155DD.png 009A71C4-660B-43C2-920B-C2FEF4B4CB3D.png 0F9F46D4-E0B3-43EF-983A-4FEDB861E394.png 65D5387E-233C-4105-854F-C3AC8A46C54A.png D0FDE06E-0F5A-4AC5-983A-FAA5AADE9BA4.png 0CCD7C11-D78C-446F-A0C2-CCF43517879A.png 441171D2-94C7-442D-B7BB-7B51A1B22CA3.png FFC66999-D842-4AAD-A70B-528E2F2AA998.png Hello. Selling C25 in state 410. Castle and legions Phoenix skins+many different chat and avatars frames. State is top-2 of migration rating. Castle is on top-1 alliance of the state. Account has everything for fan KE’s and Eden playing. We just finished our first Eden (tally week is going now) at 1st place on map. Castle has 4 migration tickets and migration starts from Monday (409-424 states in group). Account has own e-mail. Will give 7 developed farms with main castle. Full-opened cavalry, archers and footmen heroes with full golden gear. Many footmen heroes for comfortable Eden playing. Top cavalry legion at the moment and very strong archers legion (Jade Eagle is without 6 and 7 skill. You can add him and will be top archer legion for now). I will consider your suggestions about the price. Don’t hesitate to contact with any questions.
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