Payment Went Through - But I did not recieve a confirmation and seller hasn t recieved anything.

Discussion in 'Help - Find Support Answers' started by ShadyRedPanda, 1/5/22.

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    I paid using PaymentWall, and I have confirmed with PaymentWall that the payment did indeed go through.
    However, I think there was an error with the order, and the order page did not redirect?
    However, I made a payment of 83.29 USD dated 05-Jan-2022 to PLAYERUP with reference ID w275956745.

    Please check your records and notify the seller of payment. If you need any further evidence, I'm happy to provide.

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    Thank you for submitting a support ticket with the middleman automated support department.

    Please note that this support doesn't handle middleman/playerup purchases/orders/payments as you'll need to follow the directions below to reach a middleman agent. Your ticket won't be redirected so please make sure to follow the directions below:

    Middleman Support - "Active" Orders
    Please note that this support is for non-middleman related issues only. For all middleman support questions, please use your Private or 3 Way Conversation Ticket already opened. If you don't have a Private or 3 Way Conversation Ticket opened, please click here to contact middleman support directly. Please also note middleman support is currently experiencing some delays on their responses so we ask that you remain as patient as possible.

    Middleman Support - Non "Active" Orders
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    In order to reduce spam, we ask that you don't open multiple tickets over the same transaction as this could cause additional delays on your order. If you have a ticket already opened, please use that ticket and respond back to that ticket for an update. If you need an urgent update from middleman support and they're not responding, simply open a new ticket here and request for an urgent update. Delays can occur but rest assured middleman support will address your ticket as soon as they can.
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    Since you had complications starting up with this order, we informed PaymentWall to refund this. Please recheckout again if you wish to proceed.