Sold [Offer] NA starter Account: Merlin + Arts future proof (Space Ishtar, Musashi Zerker NP2, Artoria Ruler NP3 + Black...

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    FC: 589,676,790

    BD: Unset

    Grails: 5

    Lanterns of Chaldea: 2

    Rare prisms: 1

    SSR: Merlin, Musashi Zerker NP2, Space Ishtar, Artoria (Altria) Ruler NP3, Osakabehime, Xuanzang Sanzang.

    SR: Okita Assasin, Lobo, Astraea, Medusa Lily, Parvati, Nightingale (Archer), Siegfried, Hokusai (Saber), Atalanta, Heracles.

    Story: Finished up to Roma. Free quests not done/still available.


    LF: 50 USD + Paypal fee.

    . /u/RedZero2512
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Thread Status:
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