Selling  No scam 49,000+ Gems, 118,000,000+ Coins, B-52 7, Apoc/Cat/Hmr/EndBrngr/Spitfire 6

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    In addition to free-to-play balls, have 50+ Bezerkers and other performance balls: Turkey, Ryder Cup, Kingslayer, Bubba, Bryson and Bloodsucker balls.

    Account Info:

    Less than 7,000 games played
    60% win rate
    150+ HIOs
    1 Pro win, 2 Pro 2nd place and 2 Pro 3rd place medals

    Understand this may not be for everyone and that is fine. Goal is to save you time without having to spend ~1 year getting your clubs/gems/coins to this level. Time is money. This will save you time.

    Also understand apprehension spending money and fear of getting ripped off since this is my first post. I do what I say, deliver more than advertised (gems, coins, cards).

    If interested, upon purchase and if requested, I can provide my never-shared custom spreadsheets with:

    - Wind Max/Med/Min adjustment charts for most often used clubs I have at their current level
    -- Separate adjustment sheet for 0/1/2/3/5 ball powers (you can easily add sheet for power 4 balls)
    - Altitude +/- % adjustments (+5 to 40% and -5 to 40%)
    - 9/18 hole tournament templates (you can print and make notes for each tournament round (Qual/Open/Weekend)
    -- Boxes for hole, par, clubs, wind %, ball, over pwr, curl, T/B spn, L/R spn, wind direction, note box
    - Tour 8 & 9 shootout holes (may need updating as GC changes tour courses)

    Why am I selling account? Changes in my personal life will not allow me time to play at a frequency and a level I expect of myself. My loss, your gain.

    Payment App: Venmo

    Will provide account recovery code via email when payment clears.

    Message me if interested.

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