Sold [NA] Shai lvl 61 + 10billion silver + 462 energy+4800 crons

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    Original version (NO STEAM)
    LVL 61 Shai with normal starter gear. 230 ap/292 dp
    10 billion silver
    290 contribution points
    462 energy
    4800 cron stones (as of now)
    1094 LT weight
    95 inventory slots
    4 slots of family inventory
    5000 interior points
    14k Loyalties
    90 shining shakatu seals
    4 storage maids
    4 market maids
    1x low level brilliant fairy
    2x tier 3 pets
    2x tier 2 pets
    3x tier 1 pets
    5x 7 days old moon books
    4x 7 days blessing of kamasylve
    28 days of value packs
    183 valks cry
    150 artisan memory
    73 ellions tear
    10 ellions blessing
    150 failstack x1
    100 failstack x2
    80 failstack x2
    70 failstack x3
    60 failstack x3
    50 failstack x11
    the rest are 40,30 and 20 failstacks.
    1x Black spirit thank you bundle (Lovely Pomi Seal ,Cron Stone x1000, Main Weapon Exchange Coupon ,,Sub-weapon Exchange Coupon ,Awakening Weapon Exchange Coupon, [Event] 2.25 Enhancement Aid Kit, Combat/Skill EXP Exchange Coupon (90 Days), [Event] Character Name Change Coupon (7 Days) ,[Event] Family Name Change Coupon (7 Days),Mount Skill Change Coupon x2, [Event] Artisan's Memory x5, Valks' Cry x5 ,[Event] Enhancement Help Kit II ,[Event] Shakatu's Luxury Box ,[Event] Shakatu's Rarity Box)
    1x J's hammer of loyalty
    170 gathering mastery.
    1x low level tier 8 horse.

    +The low level char has the Lann Marine romance outfit and a gift box full of memories.
    Good account perfect for starting up and enhancing right away.

    Price 110$ or post offers here

    Payment Method: Paypal (Friends and Family) / Crypto

    Contact me @ Maxiv#2928 for full pictures and for references/vouchers in other sites. 2021-11-21_20233284.JPG energ.jpg pet.jpg fail.jpg bundl.jpg maid.jpg outfit.JPG
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