Selling  Global  Unlinked   Average Epic 7 Global Mail Unverified Name Change ML Celine6,ML Lidica6, Summertime Iseria6 And 28 More Nat5

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    Selling Epic 7 Global account with Mail Unverified, you can link the account to any email to change the Login ID, and also Name Change you can change the In Game account name to anything you want.

    It includes 5* Moonlight characters: Spirit Eye Celine upgraded to 6* and Faithless Lidica upgraded to 6*, With Limited 5* Character: Summertime Iseria upgraded to 6*, Sigret upgraded to 6*, Liliasx2, Ray, Ken, Basarx2, Sez, Violet, Cermia, Cecilia, Charlotte, Haste, Aramintha, Chloe, Eda, Vildred, Ludwigx2, Destina, Roana, Sol, Shuna, Choux, Krau, Kise, Luluca, Celine, Ervalen, Iseria and Ram.

    With 4* Moonlight Characters: General Purrgis, Fighter Maya, Wanderer Silk, Watcher Schuri, Blaze Dingox2, Kitty Clarissa, Troublemaker Crozetx3, Assassin Ciddx3, Blood Blade Karin, Champion Zerato and Sinful Angelica.

    Has Moonlight Blessing available to choose any 5* Moonlight character you want.

    Has a lot of Tera phantasma to upgrade character to 6*, has tickets for a Free Skin of your choosing, has decent equipment, has 16k+ Energy and 540+ Leifs for energy refreshes, has catalyst boxes for epic and rare catalyst, has a lot of charms to upgrade equipment.

    With 34 Different 5* Covenant Artifacts, 46 5* Artifacts in total.


    Currently at Abyss floor 51, World Mode/Unrecorded History/ Second Episode/ Third Episode/ Fourth Episode haven't been played yet.

    If you're interested or need more information send me a message, thank you!

    Discord: Lenryn#0798