Selling  Android and iOS  Average 40 usd Level 94 Global Account 24 6 star characters (Nian , Rosmontis , Mudrock , Surtr...)

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    some Details About the account

    Profile Name: R4
    Account Level: 94
    Account Sanity: 984
    Progress: R8-1

    I have not completed chapter 8 at all however do have an E2 Amiya hence getting Guardmiya asap is possible. All of chapter 7 and most of chapter 6 challenge modes are untouched. No progress in current prison event.

    The last thing I was doing on this account was attempting to E2 Mudrock therefore a lot of the materials required for that are already stockpiled.

    LMD: 300k+
    Orundum: 6.7k
    Originite Prime: 14
    Furniture Parts: 6.2k

    * Its a Gmail Account so it can be easily used in both android and IOS.
    slightly nego tiable price. 50USD I acep change for axie infinity
    for more information. you can contact me at dm or
    disc.cord: warriorplay#8518
    email [email protected] or
    line app: warriorplaylive

    I will attend you as soon as possible
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