Sold 1.6mil+ rating, 12500+ prestige, 10 r3/6 s, check pics

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    Don't have enough to time to play anymore, so give it a good home! It's been with me since January of 2015.

    Here's the profile

    Notice that sig 200 Tigra! She's quite enjoyable with suicides, and probably my favorite champ to play once you learn her!

    Onto the other 6*/r3s

    Interested in more r3s? Or even r4s? Not to worry, take a look at what cats you're getting!
    Screenshot_20211123-080357_Champions.jpg Screenshot_20211123-080624_Champions.jpg

    Now, onto that full roster, so that you know what else you're getting... but first, some highlights I find noteworthy.
    Screenshot_20211123-080132_Champions.jpg Screenshot_20211123-081127_Champions.jpg

    Like that Deadpool squad? I'd hope so.
    Last but not least, here's the full 5* and 6* roster! Screenshot_20211123-075720_Champions.jpg Screenshot_20211123-075731_Champions.jpg Screenshot_20211123-075744_Champions.jpg Screenshot_20211123-075757_Champions.jpg Screenshot_20211123-075805_Champions.jpg Screenshot_20211123-075820_Champions.jpg Screenshot_20211123-075828_Champions.jpg Screenshot_20211123-075840_Champions.jpg Screenshot_20211123-075851_Champions.jpg Screenshot_20211123-075902_Champions.jpg Screenshot_20211123-075914_Champions.jpg Screenshot_20211123-075927_Champions.jpg Screenshot_20211123-075935_Champions.jpg Screenshot_20211123-075943_Champions.jpg Screenshot_20211123-075957_Champions.jpg
    Still have questions? Feel free to message me here, and I'll add you on Discord to discuss further!
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