Middleman: Sellers Guide

How will middleman services contact me?
All middleman transactions are conducted on PlayerUp.com only. Never release any information, perform any service or release any payments if you're a seller unless this username @middleman contacts you through the Conversation Ticket System. PlayerUp Middleman Services will never directly contact you through e-mail, discord, telegram, steam, facebook, whatsapp, kik, skype, or any 3rd party service. If somebody contacts you offsite claiming they are from PlayerUp, it is a scam.

What are your middleman services?
Our middleman services provide both the buyer and seller complete protection during their transaction guiding them through the process ensuring the buyer receives their product and the seller receives payment. We are the world's first company devoted to legally protecting Player-2-Player Online Video Game Account Transactions.

What are the benefits?
1). Chargeback Protection. All chargebacks are covered and payments are 100% guaranteed
2). No Transaction Fees. We pay all fees your payment processor would charge you
3). Maximum Value. Buyers pay more when they see a secure middleman checkout link
4). Marketing Boost. We bump and promote your listings on multiple sites
5). Shop Listing. We list and promote your listings on our network of game dedicated shop sites (coming soon)
6). Sales Boost. We have a dedicated sales team setup to answer all buyer presale questions
7). Multiple Payment Options. We send payments with over 20+ payment providers
8). Sticky Bonus. We sticky and highlight all threads that have middleman checkout links
9). Verified Membership Upgrade. Your account will be upgraded to Verified Status ($20 Value Free)
10). Middleman Membership Upgrade. Your account will be upgraded to Middleman Status (3+ Transactions Required)
11). Feedback Transfer. Transfer positive feedback from another website to this site (3+ Transactions Required)
12). Easy Checkout. Create a checkout link and wait for a buyer to complete payment
13). Easy Process. We guide both the buyer and seller through the entire process step by step
14). No Major Work. Post a link and you're done. Wait for a buyer to pay. It's that simple
15). Sell Anywhere. Create a custom checkout link and post it anywhere on the internet
16). Private Transactions. All transactions are private adding extra security to your account transaction
17). Verified Buyers. We verify the buyer ensuring the seller receives a guaranteed payment
18). Filter Fraud. We filter out all high risk buyers ensuring sellers receive a guaranteed payment
19). We communicate with the seller directly ensuring the buyer receives all account information
20). We communicate with the buyer directly ensuring they have secured the account

How does it work?
1). Sellers create and post middleman buy now listings (click here)f
2). Buyer clicks on buy now listing and completes payment
3). We verify and secure the buyers payment
4). We create a 3 way conversation ticket with the Buyer and Seller
5). We inform the Seller which specific account information they need to release to the Buyer
6). During this process, we will communicate and guide both the Buyer and Seller
7). Buyer secures and verifies the account
8). Payment is then disbursed to the Seller

What payment methods do you use to send payments?
Click here for more information on seller payment methods.

When should I release my account information to the buyer?
Never release your account information unless (@Middleman) contacts you through the PlayerUp Conversation Ticket System. We will never contact you through e-mail, discord, facebook, whatsapp, kik, skype, or any 3rd party service. All middleman transactions are done through PlayerUp.com for security reasons.

How do I generate a middleman link?
1). Click here to generate a middleman link
2). Enter a valid e-mail address
3). Enter a description title for the product you're buying or selling
4). Enter the price you are asking for or price you plan to pay
5). Either the seller or buyer can create a middleman link
6). Copy the middleman link generated and paste it anywhere on the internet

How can I contact middleman support?
Private Message @Middleman Here

How long does it take to receive payment?
Payments are sent within 1-144 hours after the buyer secures and confirms the account. If you're already verified, and quickly deliver/submit your payment information, payments will be processed faster.

What is your middleman membership?
This free service will allow you to upgrade one account to MM status which will add multiple features and benefits to your account. Sellers with MM status have a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum account. For more information view this link or view all benefits

What countries do you support?
We currently support ALL countries if you decide to use our optional middleman services.

Do I need to register before using your middleman services?
No. However we will create an account for you if you don't have one once the buyers payment has been verified.

Who pays the merchant fees?
PlayerUp currently covers all merchant fees your settlement payment option should charge you except for PayPal payouts and bitcoin/ethereum gas network fees. In addition, if your bank or processor charges you some hidden or withdrawal fees, we do not cover these.

What are your fees for using your middleman services?
We offer a FREE platform for sellers which includes multiple features. Click here to view all features. Sellers who use our optional middleman service are charged an additional fee. View them here.

Can fees be reduced if I sell in bulk?
Yes. Your account will be automatically upgraded to a Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum Account as you process more transactions through us.

How do I complete a trade through your middleman services?
If you're trading an item for an item without any cash involved, follow this guide.

What happens if you believe a buyer could be fraudulent?
We have the right to terminate any middleman agreement if we believe a party involved with the transaction could be fraudulent.

What are your age requirements?
Both parties involved with a middleman transaction are required to be above the age of 18. If a party involved with the transaction is below the age of 18, a legal guardian will need to represent the agreement for the under-aged party.

Do you use Skype, K'I'K or another messenger service?
No. All middleman transactions are done through PlayerUp.com for security reasons. Anyone who attempts to contact you through a 3rd party messenger claiming they are us is fraudulent.